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1)Ten module package (10MP)+ 5 user  license  @ cost of 1 module and 1 user license***

A)Modules included:-
d)vendor management
2)GST module
3)Fleet management
4)payroll Management
5)Asset management
 , 6)pre-project
7)post project management,
 8)production management,
 9)tally* accounting software -auto-integration with inventory module*
10)contractor payment tracking module
B)5 user license
+1 admin
 +5 Branch
11)+1500 FLeet management capacity (FMC)
12)+1500 Employee management capacity (EMC)

B)1 user 
+1 admin
 +1 Branch 

12 hours** free training included *

INR. 35,775/-per user/per month * (including tax)

80% offer till "offer date":-Rs..7,155/- per user/per month -when purchased  as a pack of more than 2 user license (including 18% gst)

80% offer till "offer date":-US$119 per user/per month -when purchased as a pack of more than 2 user license 

*Tally brand is owned by respective owers

** "indian customers" & 'overseas customers" can purchase pre-paid hours for training and customization on discounted price once the free hours provided are exhausted.

*** "the huge discount is being given to help those who would like to use fewer than 10  modules and to make the entry cost as low as possible.(for a short period)

note:- all prices and plans and specifications are subject to change after the "offer date" 23rd October 2020

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